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Helpdesk associated data


Why is this work and why is it critical?

to provide 2nd level support and technical expertise to the front lines of all channels by troubleshooting, resolving and escalating complex technical problems on mobile devices such as iPhone, Android phones, iPad, Blackberry, wireless broadband, ADSL, FTTH, IPTV, Email, Windows, Mac OS and many other devices and future mobile gadgets. The support can be extended to support on site as well.
In addition to solve problems for customers, are documented for reference of knowledge and training.

What are you responsible?
  • Handling second level incoming calls on mobile data and broadband services as well as devices to achieve the KPI targets for customer satisfaction, which is measured through CSI scores FCR and SL / ABD rate to ensure accessibility
  • test, Diagnose and Simulate device problems and application services in order to solve the problem and document solutions for future first-line or training reference (knowledge management).
  • Provide training for front-line agent for non-technical queue to provide level 1 support and also to suppliers on tier one on-site support and troubleshooting
  • provide end support specialist dedicated end up directions (C-level) and customers VIP / VVIP to ensure the highest level of support. Provide on-site support for VIP / VVIP and exceptionally for customers. Selected VIP customers FTTH and also managed by specialist HD via Relationship Manager (RM) role
  • Prepare and hardware exam training periodically by conducting research and stay current with system information, changes and updates updated to ensure information knowledge managements still to date and relevant to current issues
  • Work closely with the business units and home services partners, business services , wireless broadband, PDI, marketing and DSI and ensuring 2-way discussion on data / problems related peripherals and enhancements
  • Involved in major projects to enhance and raise awareness on data mobile in customer transactions and Maxis
  • Administer BlackBerry internal users on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server

what do you need to have for this role
  • degree holder in any discipline
  • STPM / holders of the diploma with relevant work experience - Techical Helpdesk / Support / CustomerService / Telecommunications
  • professional experience total: 4 to 6 years
  • total relevant Experience: 1-3 years in Techical Helpdesk / Support / Customer Service / Telecommunications
  • technically man Carrying out independent tests on different devices and liaise independently with peripheral providers, case management CRM
  • versed and able to learn effectively on mobile device and desktop configuration as well as familiar with the mobile device and Systems desktop operating (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, etc.)
  • strong analytical skills / related data troubleshoot internet problems and be able to identify issues appliances and gadget and supply / recommend solutions
  • strong communication skills in both languages ​​English and Bahasa Melayu with excellent skills in handling customers, including typing phone tag
  • have a very creative thinking and has a great passion for mobile devices and ability to work under presssure & time focused
  • knowledge and skills in HTML, ASP, PHP and flash and multimedia
  • personal characteristics :. positive, passionate, collaborative, a self-starter, able to work under pressure in a stimulating environment and a team player
If this sounds like you, then we need 9/19/2016 hear you later
(Contact those we list within 30 days of the closing date)

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