Rabu, 15 Juni 2016

Retail & Consignment Operation Manager


• Overall in charge of the daily operation of all fashion outlets / consignment counters
• output Manager / car counters and ensure subordinates / promoters following political / business process.
map, strategize and develop the activity of each brand to drive sustainability.
• Responsible to improve business performance and profitability in achieving sales targets, cost control and maintaining brand standards.
Use effective management and OTB monitor, forecast and analyze stock levels, distribution and sales.
• Ensure the output / consignment counters is presentable at all times to maintain a good image and high level.
expansion of training firms in identifying new point of sale and work with the buyer of deparmental stores opening new consignment counters.
• Sensitive to market trends and customer demand and work in terms of the promotion and marketing strategy for the outputs / car counters.
Coordinate and organize all visual goods and signages for stores / promotion zone.
• Plan and prepare advertising and promotional materials to increase awareness and sales of products.
Coordinate all matters for receipt of applications, invoices, purchase orders, defective stocks and transfers.
• Develop, manage sales and marketing activities
Liaise with contractors to maintain the maintenance shops.
• timely submission of sales reports.
• Build a relationship with clients / responsible person malls.
• preparation Brand Profile
• Inventory Management

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