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Senior Executive - Financial Services and Special Projects


Responsibilities: -
For help and support Director / head of Department (HOD) in the management and development functions and projects under the Financial services & special projects Division (FSSP) in line with the strategic direction TERAJU.
Job Descriptions: -
to provide direct assistance and support to the Director / HOD, FSSP in the following areas:
  • origin, development and monitoring of corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions ( "M & A") and other initiatives among companies (listed and unlisted) in the field 'TERAJU implementation;
  • coordination, liaison and channel businesses within the scope of FSSP to projects / initiatives TERAJU ie Carve Out, SJJB, TERAS etc.
  • management, tracking and reporting of development expenditure items or programs of the director, FSSP competence of the ( "dE") and non-dE indicator KPI ( "KPI") ; and
  • Initiatives developed by the TERAJU Jawatankuasa Pemerkasaan Ekonomi Bumiputera (JPEB) the competent ministry under the jurisdiction of the Director / HOD.
  • Implement the process of engagement with internal and external stakeholders in relation to the development and implementation of special projects.
  • Manage and create opportunities on cross-cutting initiatives that potential special projects supplements such as financing, ICT, logistics, etc.
  • to work closely with other internal teams for the implementation of programs towards the achievement of key performance indicators
  • To liaise and participate in meetings with other departments; necessary to perform the tasks, contribute ideas and support effective TERAJU.
  • To prepare and administer memoranda, letters, papers, presentation slides, periodic reports and other relevant documents.
  • To perform or assist in the implementation of the relevant tasks assigned to it by the management of TERAJU
Requirements: -.
* candidate must possess at least a bachelor's degree in finance or equivalent.
* Excellent written and verbal communication skills in Bahasa Malaysia and English.
* at least 5 years of professional experience in a related field.
* employs strategic and critical thinking proactively solve problems and challenges.
* action-oriented, independent, self-motivated abd highly trained.

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