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Human Resources Senior Manager (Based in Penang)


the primary role of this position is to manage and develop the full spectrum HR both internal and external to the entire company. The main areas are directed:
  • Human Resources Development
  • Development Organization;
  • Labor and compliance regulatory concerns;
  • policy development and documentation;
  • Employee Relations
  • Company's committee facilitation scale
  • Company employee communication and community;
  • Compensation and Benefits administration;
  • employee safety, welfare, wellness and health;
  • The employee orientation, development and training;
  • The recruitment and staffing namely planning manpower
  • talent management and acquisition
  • performance management and improvement systems ie learning and development
  • Provide support and guidance to the HR team and improve the service efficiency.
  • candidates must possess at least a bachelor's degree in human Resources / management / social Science / Psychology or equivalent with minimum of 8 years relevant experience
  • the candidate should have good communication skills and must be proficient in English and other local languages.
  • The candidate should have good interpersonal skills to understand and communicate with all levels of employees and management.
  • The candidate should also have ability to work with senior line managers , the management board or functions to provide valuable support and value add.
  • Contender competently to focus on new aspects of the human resources department and their implementation for business growth is needed.
  • applicant should be able to operate under pressures and must also be willing to work over time.
  • The candidate must have pleasant personality and able to adapt in any environment.
Please note that one candidate will be notified.

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