Rabu, 13 Juli 2016

QA Technician (Based in Singapore)


  • The control line
    • clean the sample line and testing
    • CIP test solution and the control site
    • See process control parameters
  • sampling, monitoring and testing to ensure the test parameters are within specification. This is achieved through sampling and laboratory tests according to the quality assurance plan and to identify nonconformities
    • Water Analysis Daily
    • Raw and packaging primary sampling equipment, control and testing
    • microbiological test
    • product finished physicochemical and sensory testing
  • Assist in the monitoring of the finished product (trial operation and non-compliance) sort by production
  • Perform good laboratory practice and follow good manufacturing practices
  • Completed secondary Education
  • knowledge base Chemicals is a must
  • laboratory favorite skills
  • Able to move around the production area and to resist the production environment such as hot noise
  • Able to do shift work
  • Able to start work immediately

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